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İmam Mehdi

All the massacres, wars, famine, natural disasters in the world were written in advance for the arrival of only one person. Imam Mehdi. Obviously, Imam Mahdi is God’s Sovereignty in the world. His revelation will take the world to a new stage. The destruction of wetlands is usually the elimination of earth’s magnetic poles The Imam Mahdi is the last warning of God through the Imam Mahdi. His rule will last for seven years. After his death, wars will overwhelm the world.

Koran.Surah Elephant.105

In the name of Allah, the Lord and Merciful.

1- Did you not see what your Lord did to the elephant owners?

2- Didn’t they frustrate their evil plans?

3- He sent unbelievable birds upon them.

4- Those birds were throwing stones made of bricks.

5- So Allah turned them into the defeated and chewed supplement.

Partisan war

Azerbaijani government should adopt law on guerrilla movement ”

Sardar Jalaloglu: “Partisan movement has broken the Germans in the World War II”

“There is a need for a guerrilla movement for the freedom of Karabakh”.

Chairman of ADP Sardar Jalaloglu told this to Moderator.az. According to him, the organization of such a movement gives a serious impetus to the effective fight against the enemy:

“The turning point in the victory over the Nazis in World War II began with the creation of a guerrilla movement. Until then, the Russians quickly retreated to Moscow. The situation has changed after the creation of the Partizan movement. Previously, the government itself had been partisan. They accused them of obtaining illegal weapons and s. But later they realized that this is the only right way. They made a decision on that. The organization of the Partizan movement started from the center. It was the same partisan movement that broke the Germans’ wrist in World War II.

A guerrilla movement must be established in Karabakh today. The Partizan movement is also an important tool in support of the regular army victory. The Azerbaijani government should adopt a law on the guerrilla movement. “


Ukrainian general: “Russia will be split, we will have to take part in it”

Ukrainian military expert, reserve general Igor Romanenko claims that Russia will collapse in the near future.

According to the Ukrainian media, he said that in case of the beginning of the fragmentation process, Ukraine should take part of the Russian territory.

According to Igor Romanenko, Russia’s downfall will begin after Siberia’s “extortion” by China.

“Historical experience shows that no empire, as it is, is forever,” – said Romanyko.

According to him, the same fate is also waiting for Russia, and the main issue here is how the process will take place.

Earlier, Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Vladimir Omelyan, said that one day he would come to Moscow on the tank.

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